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DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer Any state Other

Other Manufacturer: DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer
DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer Model: Any state
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I often drive out into unfamiliar territory to check out new outdoor opportunities. It's not uncommon for me to get out to a river road and follow it just to see what's along it. Unfortunately this can sometimes force me to backtrack or wind up in East Unclebrother. In any case I wanted something that would tell me exactly where I was, and that had better detail than a highway map. I use the atlas for my home state of Missouri, but most state atlases are available at Walmart for $12.57.

Things I like about the DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer Any state: The maps inside the atlas are in much greater detail than a highway map. This lets you actually see the area you're headed, and know how to get there. The atlas also shows waterways in great detail, and you can easily see where they meet roadways for easy access. Conservation areas, state parks, and other outdoor recreation sites all show up well, and additional features of interest are listed in a separate sections (including sections on fishing and hunting, which list the species that are supposed to be present in a body of water or area). The back cover shows the state divided into numbered regions (grid number equals page number for that region), making for very fast and easy reference. Finally, the book is 11x15, a comfortable size to look at in the car with no folding or unfolding required.

What I don't like about the DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer Any state: The names of some of the shorter roads or roads in urban areas are not listed. Obviously if you needed a specific road name this could be a problem.

Any state quality: Softcover atlas with thick, high-quality pages.

Any state summary: The front of my atlas advertises "detailed topographic maps." While topography is shown in the atlas, the scale is such that it's pretty general and probably not very useful for someone going into the woods. However, I use this atlas instead of a road map, and it's perfectly suited for that job. Very "user friendly," and it seems to be almost tailored to outdoorsmen. It's well worth the money and a useful tool.

Rating for this DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer product: 5

Author of this review on DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer Other: Fishin' Phil

Date: 2004-03-17

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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