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Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd monoMASTER Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd
Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd Model: monoMASTER
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip $11.95 To deal with my waste monofilament while fishing. To save tangles in my vest pockets and to help protect the environment.

Things I like about the Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd monoMASTER Fishing Misc Equip: Storing waste leader and tippet material while in the field. That's a problem I've been trying to resolve satisfactorily for years. Modified film canisters and boxes with draft excluder openings are a couple of solutions, but I've found amongst others they range from poor to almost useless. In fact, until recently I've made do stuffing waste mono into a pocket. Worse still, to avoid accidentally pulling out and loosing the tangled waste, the pocket used has been for that soul purpose. In many ways it's been a wasted pocket. And so it's been, until now... Enter the Monomaster! After reading a review on-line I ordered one to see if this could be the solution I'd been after. It's been a few weeks since and I've used the product several times. The Monomaster is a simple device both in design and use. It consists of a 7cm (just shy of 3 ) canister having a slot shaped aperture along its side. A small handle extends from one end and a loop by which you can secure it to your vest, is molded at the other end. The 'handle' is in fact the end of a spindle which carries a cylindrical brush that spins within the canister. The fixed end cap and removable end cap form the axis while a simple ratchet housing contained in the removable end cap maintains smooth operation of the unit. The Monomaster is strong, compact and light. As you can see in the demonstration video on the manufacturer's website, waste material is offered up to the side slot and the handle spun. The brush catches and draws in the leader or tippet material, wrapping it around itself like hair on a vacuum brush. It works a treat. On each of my trips the Monomaster has accommodated the day's waste. Back at base the loaded brush is removed from the canister and the waste cut away with scissors. No more waste mono accidentally falling in the waster and fouling up the environment for over 600 years.

What I don't like about the Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd monoMASTER: My only criticism of the Monomaster is that removing the cap before withdrawing the brush can be a little fiddly until you figure it out.

Fishing Misc Equip monoMASTER quality: Compact, lightweight and very strong plastic. Great design and function.

monoMASTER summary: Overall I'd recommend the Monomaster as an effective, affordable and robust piece of kit. It is so easy to get rid of even the tag ends from changing flies, you won't have the urge to drop it in the water or shoreline. It is no longer necessary to roll up a ball of line or leader material and stuff it in your pocket where it will become tangled and likely to end out of your pocket when you later put your hand in that pocket in search of something else. This is a must have fishing accessory for all fisherman. Getting rid of waste fishing line couldn't be easier. Help keep our favorite fishing spots free of those tangled messes of monofilament. It is not expensive and totally re-usable.

Rating for this Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd product: 5

Author of this review on Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd Fishing Misc Equip: Raif Killips

Date: 2008-12-15

Usefulness Rating: 3.13725 out of 5.
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