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Rememington Ghost Trail Cam Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: Rememington
Rememington Model: Ghost Trail Cam
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: Trail Cameras I bought this camera at Dick's Sporting Goods for $119. After spending over $300 for a infrared flash I was anxious to spend less for infrared camera.

Things I like about the Rememington Ghost Trail Cam Trail Cameras: Not one thing! This is a piece of junk!

What I don't like about the Rememington Ghost Trail Cam: Remington should be ashamed for putting their name on this product. Great concept for a trail camera put it has terrible performance. After turning on camera and getting the setting the way I wanted it...I turned the camera off. When I got to the woods and attached it the tree and turned it on, all of the settings has dissappeared. So I had to reset them again. A week later I returned to retrieve camera card that came with unit, replacing it with another card I had purchased at wal-mart. When I put the card in my computer to review my pics.....nothing! as it turned out there was some sort of virus in the camera card and it would not store any pics. So 4 days later I went back to my camera and retrieved my SD card and it showed that I had over 130 pictures on it. However you are not able to view the thumbnails because they are just squiggly lines. So you have to open each picture in windows picture viewer to view your pictures. Out of 130 pictures taken on the Ghost camera, only 25 had any images on them. The rest were just blank. I dedcided to try the regular flash this time instead of infrared and a week later only 50 % of the pictures came out. And only the pictures that were less than 10 yards away would come out in the dark. THis camera sucks! And to think that I replaced this camera with a much cheaper WildView camera, there is no telling how many good bucks I missed viewing because of this piece of crap.....DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!

Trail Cameras Ghost Trail Cam quality: Construction is pretty good on the outside, on the inside leaves alot to be desired.

Ghost Trail Cam summary: If you like reviewing hundreds of blank pictures with only a fraction of real images coming out...then the Remington Ghost camera is for you. I am still am amazed that Remington would put their name on a junkie product like this. From virus filled software to not being able to view images in thumbnail form,(what images that actually showed up). Remington should be ashamed of themselves.

Rating for this Rememington product: 1

Author of this review on Rememington Trail Cameras: rransom

Date: 2009-01-18

Usefulness Rating: 3.21127 out of 5.
71 reader(s) voted.

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