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Tikka T3 Light .270 WSM Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Tikka
Tikka Model: T3 Light .270 WSM
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc The acquisition of this particular rifle is an interesting story. I knew this was the rifle for me, even before I laid my hands on one. It took me a few months to come up with the funds to be able to purchase my new Tikka, and by that time, general rifle season was approaching quickly. I searched for roughly 5 days before finally finding this rifle...the only problem being it was in stock in Calgary, I live in Manitoba and that was out of the question, it would take far too long to ship. So that day on my way home from work, I stop in at a buddies house and tell him my depressing story, to which he replies, phone MacDonalds Sporting Goods in Portage la Prairie MB. I asked the guy who answered if they had any Tikka T3 light rifles in .270 WSM, which they did...the last one in stock! It cost only $30 more than either Cabela's or WSS prices being $690.00 plus tax, and I didn't even have to drive the 45 min to Portage to pick it up, my buddies wife works there and picked it up after work and delivered it straight to me!

Things I like about the Tikka T3 Light .270 WSM Hunting Gear Misc: The main selling point of this rifle is definately the ballistics of the round, it is an extremely flat shooting calibre. I also have an affinity for the shorter fatter cases, which a lot of shooting enthusiasts seem to hate...but hey, the big one's need lovin' too! Other fine selling points are the fully free floating barrel, it's TrueBody glass fiber reinforced polymer stock is very rigid, no flexing and twisting like some synthetic stocks. Also the single stage trigger pull is easily adjustable by most anyone with even the slightest know-how and tools, the owners manual outlines each and every step from start to finish.

What I don't like about the Tikka T3 Light .270 WSM: I'd have to say the only thing I don't like about this rifle, which is easliy remidied would have to be the but plate. After a few shots at the range you notice the kick, but while hunting, I never noticed any of the shots taken. For range trips a Limbsaver recoil pad may be in order. Others say they don't like the plastic magazine I like the single stack plastic mag, it works 100% of the time, and more importantly, makes for an even lighter carrying rifle.

Hunting Gear Misc T3 Light .270 WSM quality: The construction and overall quality of the Tikka T3 light line of rifles is, in my opinion, second to none in this price range. They offer light, super accurate rifles that are very easy on the eyes, and the back account. My next rifle will definately be another Tikka!

T3 Light .270 WSM summary: If you are looking for an extremely accurate, mid priced rifle that will enable you to take pretty much any North American big game species, look no further! Bar none this is one of the most accurate, out of the box tack driving machines on the market today. And it sure is a looker!

Rating for this Tikka product: 5

Author of this review on Tikka Hunting Gear Misc: Brad Duncan

Date: 2009-01-30

Usefulness Rating: 4.13953 out of 5.
43 reader(s) voted.

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