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Remington Model 700 SPS 22-250 Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Remington
Remington Model: Model 700 SPS 22-250
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc This was my very first ever rifle purchase. It was purchased from S.I.R in Winnipeg MB for roughly $600. The reason I purchased this rifle was because my brother's and I started to get interested in hunting coyotes, which we have a lot of up here in MB. Another reason I decided on a 22-250 was that it is legal in our area to hunt white tails with a .224 cal rifle, only having enough cashola for one rifle, this would fill me needs for 2007 hunting seasons.

Things I like about the Remington Model 700 SPS 22-250 Hunting Gear Misc: Some of the more prominent features for me include the hinged floor plate, no lost magazines for this cowboy! Other important features are the R3 recoil pad, a little over-kill on a 22-250, but nice none the less. Probably the most important feature would be the out of the box accuracy this rifle provides, an absolute tack driver! I also really like the chambers on the Rem 700's, you know, the ever so famous "3 locking rings" design.

What I don't like about the Remington Model 700 SPS 22-250: I would have to say the only thing that I dislike about my model 700 is the stock, it has a tendancy to flex from side to side on the forend, coming into contact with the bbl, not a major issue and easily fixed with a quick bedding job.

Hunting Gear Misc Model 700 SPS 22-250 quality: Overall this is an extremely well built rifle that I can count on for shot after shot consistancy.

Model 700 SPS 22-250 summary: Remington has been building quality rifles for decades and this model is no exception. I thoroughly enjoy the fit, feel and uniform function with every shot taken with this firearm. For anyone who wants a nice looking rifle that shoots like a lazer, the model 700 in 22-250 is for you. There is nothing like an extremely accurate, supremely built rifle that is easy on the pocketbook!

Rating for this Remington product: 5

Author of this review on Remington Hunting Gear Misc: Brad Duncan

Date: 2009-01-30

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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