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Parker Safari Magnum 150 Crossbows

Crossbows Manufacturer: Parker
Parker Model: Safari Magnum 150
Review Category: Crossbows

Purchase: Crossbows I purchased my Parker Safari Magnum crossbow used from a local hunter who injured his arm and could no longer draw it back. It came ready to hunt, and I paid $300 for the package.

Things I like about the Parker Safari Magnum 150 Crossbows: This crossbow is a fast shooting, hard hitting weapon. For 150# draw, it is easy to cock with the rope cocking aid. Mossy Oak finish looks great. The thumbhole stock is awesome and makes it just like shooting a rifle. Trigger pull is perfect (nice and light, like a good hunting rifle) and very crisp. Simmons 3 dot illuminated scope is great. Has an easy to use thumb safety. Hits deer HARD!

What I don't like about the Parker Safari Magnum 150: Not as compact or lightweight as some of the newer crossbows, but I don't mind. You can't de-cock the bow. Once you cock it, you have to shoot it. I just leave a block target set up where I come out of my hunting area so I can shoot it to "unload".

Crossbows Safari Magnum 150 quality: Very sturdy, yet simple. A+ in the quality department. (What do you expect? It's a Parker!)

Safari Magnum 150 summary: My crossbow came equipped with a Simmons Red Dot scope, which I believe came standard on it, a detachable quiver, and several carbon bolts. The Simmons scope has three illuminated red dots that are pre-spaced for 20, 30, and 40 yard shots. I have found the dots to be perfect for their prescribed yardage. The brightness of illumination is adjustable, which helps in low light or direct sunlight. I shoot the standard Parker Magnum Bolts with 125-grain Muzzy 3-blade broadheads. This combo not only flies fairly flat, but it hits with tons of energy. I have drilled deer clean through both shoulders, breaking both leg bones in the process. The 150# draw weight of this bow is plenty for deer sized game out to 50 yards. This Crossbow is fast, accurate, and hard-hitting. I love mine and would recommend it to anyone looking to hunt with a crossbow.

Rating for this Parker product: 5

Author of this review on Parker Crossbows: John

Date: 2009-02-03

Usefulness Rating: 4.56061 out of 5.
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