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Coleman Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey) Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors Manufacturer: Coleman
Coleman Model: Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey)
Review Category: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Purchase: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors These canoes are very popular, and my parents have had one sice I was a kid. coleman has recently updated the Marine 17 into the new "Odyssey," but the boat is still pretty much the same. The new one has such innovations as a third seat and handholds at the bow and stern (good idea!) as well as cupholders. The MSRP on the Odyssey is $639.00. Sorry Coleman, but there are so many of these floating around (literally and figuratively) that all it should take is waiting a few weeks with your eyes on the want-ads to get one for under $200. Also, with all due respect to the Coleman canoe, you can get a better canoe for $639.00.

Things I like about the Coleman Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey) Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: There are several things I like about this canoe. It's inexpensive and widespread enough that finding a used one won't take long. The plastic hull is pretty indestructible. I've dropped these (on purpose of course ...) onto concrete from about 6 feet and the canoe seems none the worse for wear. The worst that happens to the bottom is that it can get scratches, but it can take bumps pretty well. For a canoe this thing is super stable. Good for fishing, and transporting a lot of gear. I'm even considering a float in, float out deer hunt this fall. The plastic seats aren't too bad, though I recommend at least a floating seat cushion. The canoe is also very quiet as opposed to an aluminum canoe, making it great for sneaking up on fish. It has a weight limit of 1050 lbs. which you would have to work to come close to.

What I don't like about the Coleman Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey): The canoe I have has no motor mount on the back, and (at least on the older versions) a commercial motor mount will not fit. It was a challenge getting a quality homemade version to stay on. The canoe is not very responsive compared to some others on the market, but in my opinion that's no big deal for most normal uses. I do have one major complaint about this canoe, and that is its weight. I'm 27 years old and fairly strong, and it is a challenge to get this sucker on top of my Explorer by myself (it doesn't help that it's 17 feet long). Worse than that is putting it into overhead storage singlehandedly. I am seriously considering buying a new, lighter canoe because of these situations. Obviously a long portage wouldn't be too fun.

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey) quality: Like I said, the thing can stand up to a lot of abuse. The plastic hull is supported by aluminum tubing on the inside, but supposedly if the tubing is bent your canoe will acquire a new and decidedly unfavorable shape. I also read that the tubing can't be repaired, but that was just some guy on the internet (who's not an authoritative source like me) so who knows.

Marine 17 Canoe (Odyssey) summary: Whether or not you should buy this canoe depends on what you want to use it for. Is it a super-responsive whitewater machine? No. The swiftest water I've taken it on is probably Class II, and it handled that just fine. This canoe would be great on a lake for sure. If you want a simple fishing (or hunting) canoe or need a canoe that will accomodate the whole family, this may be for you. The canoe's weight can make it a chore (relative to some of the more expensive canoes) to paddle, but that's not really that bad. The one warning that I will repeat is that the combination of 91 lbs. and 17 feet can make for some uncomfortable situations for just one person when stowing or transporting the canoe.

Rating for this Coleman product: 3

Author of this review on Coleman Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: Fishin' Phil

Date: 2004-03-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.72222 out of 5.
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