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Flambeau® Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Flambeau®
Flambeau® Model: Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip Summer of 2008. About $20 in a Cabela's Bargain Cave.

Things I like about the Flambeau® Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker Fishing Misc Equip: I knew I had to do something because I was tired of taking two tackle boxes with me whenever I went fishing. I actually had three, but only two hands so I couldn’t take them all. I wanted one large tackle box, but the one’s I looked at were either too cheaply made or big and expensive models covered in heavy-duty nylon. The 8050 Brush Guard is a beefy, yet portable tackle locker loaded with customizing features and storage options that allow you to tailor the unit to your specific fishing applications. There are two side doors on the top of the 8050 Brush Guard. One covers a four-compartment area that houses smaller items you may need quickly. I use this area to hold a couple of spare line spools, my line clippers, a pocketknife and some terminal tackle items. The top door on the other side opens to reveal a larger and deeper storage area that’s part of what I call the “top story” of this monument to tackle organization with movable dividers. There are hook-keeping notches on the tops of the dividers that are ideal for hanging my spoons and wrapping my pre-rigged snells around. The upper interior compartment has an area for holding as many as five smaller storage boxes, and my 8050 Brush Guard came with two of them. I added three more, giving me ample storage for everything from hooks of varying sizes to jigheads, snap swivels, small plastics, jigs and sinkers. Even with the dividers and five storage boxes there remained enough room for some extra spools of line and a few bags of Powerbait. This upper section sits atop the lower two thirds of the unit where there are three large storage boxes – two 6004R Tuff 'Tainers for jigs, soft plastics and hard baits, plus one 7003R Tuff 'Tainer for bulkier lures and other large items. There is enough room in these three containers for all of my artificial lures, a fillet knife, a stringer and other odds and ends I like to have with me. Each of the larger Tuff ‘Tainers came with blue dividers that allowed me to customize the size of each compartment. There were even a few leftovers should I decide to reconfigure the container interiors. A feature that I really like about my 8050 is the tool-holder holes on the left and right outer edges of the top’s exterior. This brilliant design let me store my pliers, line cutter, mouth spreader and Fish Grip Fish Holder on the outside of the box. It’s incredibly convenient to have access to these handy tools almost instantaneously whenever I need one.

What I don't like about the Flambeau® Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker: Fully loaded, it can be a bit heavy and it is bulky. It does take up considerable space in a small boat.

Fishing Misc Equip Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker quality: I’ve owned many plastic tackle boxes and lure storage boxes in the past, and one problem I had with many was the tendency for metal stored inside them to rust over time. That won’t be happening for many years with my Flambeau 8050 and the storage boxes it holds. They’re outfitted with Flambeau's patented ZeRust® corrosion resistance that’s guaranteed to protect the contents from rust and corrosion for at least five years. This is not a small, lightweight storage locker for fishing gear. It’s a big unit and has substantial heft when it’s filled up. It’s made for boat and shore fishing, but you wouldn’t want to pack it over a mountain pass to a remote lake. I emptied the contents of three other tackle boxes I owned to fill my new 8050 Brush Guard, which measures 21"W x 12.25"D x 14.50"H. But any disadvantage of size and weight is offset by its incredible amount of storage space and convenience features.

Flambeau® 8050 Brush Guard Tackle Locker summary: For anglers who have accumulated enough tackle to fill more than one tackle box, this product is a way of consolidating and organizing fishing tackle into one handy unit. It's made well, performs admirably for it's intended purpose and is by far the best tackle storage unit I've ever owned.

Rating for this Flambeau® product: 5

Author of this review on Flambeau® Fishing Misc Equip: Dan Carlson

Date: 2009-02-09

Usefulness Rating: 3.0266 out of 5.
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