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Blue Wave 180 C-Special Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors Manufacturer: Blue Wave
Blue Wave Model: 180 C-Special
Review Category: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Purchase: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors I was searching the internet for a fishing boat, and when I came across the Blue Wave 180 series, I said, "This is the perfect boat for my dad and me." I contacted a local dealer, Ray's Marine, in San Antonio, and they were having a 2003 close out. It was well within my price range, so I went for it. I paid $13,600 which I thought was resonable when compared to other boats I had been looking at.

Things I like about the Blue Wave 180 C-Special Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: When I took the boat out for the first time I knew that I had made a good investment. It was easy to take off the trailer and just as easy to load it back up again. The boat cut through the choppy water like a hot knife through butter. Hardly a drop of water entered the boat as we cruised the lake. It looks really good being pulled behind my trusty Dodge, and as light as it is I pull it without putting any strain on my truck. The boat has more than enough room for three people to fish from it.

What I don't like about the Blue Wave 180 C-Special: I am so well pleased with my purchase that there is no way that I could say anything negative about it. Nothing has gone wrong at all and it would be foolish for me to curse my blessing.

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors 180 C-Special quality: This boat was built to resist the rust. Though I primarily use it in freshwater, there will be a time or two that I will take it to the coast. All I wanted was a simple boat without all the gadgets that get in the way of my love for fishing. It's basically a V-Hull design with a large deck for fishing. That's all that I needed. The non-slip fiberglass deck surface is perfect. It's tough yet simple. The center console doesn't get in the way of landing that big trophey bass.

180 C-Special summary: I L-O-V-E this boat, no wonder it's the top selling center console boat on the market. If you are looking for the perfect fishing boat that is simple enough for a novice to use I highly recommend looking into getting a Blue Wave.

Rating for this Blue Wave product: 5

Author of this review on Blue Wave Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: Todd M. Obiedo

Date: 2004-03-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.62295 out of 5.
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