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Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM Super Shadow .223 WSSM Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM
Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM Model: Super Shadow .223 WSSM
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc Purchased at Walmart $395 with 3 x 9 Simmons 8 point scope

Things I like about the Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM Super Shadow .223 WSSM Hunting Gear Misc: I purchased this gun despite the bad stories I at read about it and the caliber. I shot it at the range and it was terrible. It was burning the brass at the top and the trigger pull was set about 10 pounds. The safety was also very hard to work. I immediately took it to Browning in Arnold, MO for warranty work. They kept it for about 2 weeks and when I got it back it was like a different rifle. They reworked the chamber, the trigger, and put in a new safety. I took it back to the range and it shot 1 MOA and 3/4 MOA with 55 GRN. Wow was I thrilled! I realized the trigger was part of the problem and needed to be aqbout 3 lb. Also they fixed the brass problem with the chamber. Now I love this gun. I also found another reason to like it. During the current ammo shortage when I could not get a good 22-250 round or .223 hunting round for my other rifles there was plenty of .223 WSSM for less than 22-250.

What I don't like about the Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM Super Shadow .223 WSSM: I did not like the fact that I had to return the gun to to have it reworked but I have to say their no questions asked policy was great. The work they did on the rifle was also great. I feel like a custom job was done on it. I love my 700 and my Savage Predator too but this little rifle now shoots groups right up there with them.

Hunting Gear Misc Super Shadow .223 WSSM quality: Hit or miss off the last production line apparently but with some work it is just fine. Very light weight and quick handling. I like the fact that it has a chrome lined barrel. Brownings tests on their website shows in the .223 WSSM chrome will out last my .22-250 non chrome barrel by a bunch. At 500 rounds the 22-250 starts to lose accuracy. The .223 WSSM chrome goes to 1600 before any wear shows up according to their tests. Check it out on their site.

Super Shadow .223 WSSM summary: Talk about a rifle that has taken the rath of the rifle world, the Super Stealth and the .223 WSSM have been hammered by everyone. I think many of the rifles did have defects when they were made and the trigger at 10 lbs was impossible to even get on the paper. With a good gunsmith or return to Browning and a new trigger they are fantastic. The Simmons scope works just fine too but 9 power is not enough for this round and I am going to get a good quality 4 x 16. Lots of coyotes will be disappearing soon. I hope they can't read.

Rating for this Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM product: 4

Author of this review on Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow .223 WSSM Hunting Gear Misc: John

Date: 2009-05-15

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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