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Kicker Fish Bait Co. New Shad Stick Bass Lures Baits

Bass Lures Baits Manufacturer: Kicker Fish Bait Co.
Kicker Fish Bait Co. Model: New Shad Stick
Review Category: Bass Lures Baits

Purchase: Bass Lures Baits I saw this new bait advertised at the Kicker Fish Bait Co. web site, about a month ago, and immediately placed my first order. The people at Kicker Fish Bait have more than proven themselves to me as well as my fishing buddies in the past. Judging by the looks of this new bait, having all of the go-to qualities of a Fluke, and a Senko combined, I just had to tie one on! We ran into the owner of the company at the Lakes Of Danbury, near Houston, Texas in April of 2003. The owner of the establishment mentioned that a manufacturer of a remarkable new plastic bait was fishing the lakes with us that weekend, and that we just HAD to see this new product. That evening, we had the opportunity to meet up with Kelly, the owner of the company. He not only showed us his new Wacky Worm, but offered us samples in all colors and sizes. The next day of fishing was nothing shy of mind boggling, with all of us singing out "Wack Attack" with every strike! We all became very familiar with his web site the following Monday, as these new baits were not available in stores in our area just yet. We have had great success fishing with their Wacky Worm throughout the year, and upon seeing this new bait at the web, the Shad Stick, I couldn't wait to try out a few! The Shad Stick retails for $3.99 for a pack of 8. My on-line order arrived in a surprising 4 business days too!

Things I like about the Kicker Fish Bait Co. New Shad Stick Bass Lures Baits: Not only did my web order arrive in just 4 days, but Kelly had thrown in a sample of a few other colors as well. My order was for Watermelon Red, a fishing phenom in Texas. My first weekend with the bait was like manning the wheel of a state of the art bass boat after rowing a jon boat! I was throwing the same color plastics as the men in the boat with me, but I caught 4 bass to every one of theirs. Really! My bass were also significantly larger on the whole as theirs as well. It's one thing to catch mostly larger fish with a larger bait, but to be able to have a remarkably higher percentage of strikes than the guys in the boat with me was proof positive that the bait was a winner. After the first day, we were all sold, and at the Kicker Fish Bait web site early Monday morning. I offered my praise in the Comments section at the site, but also a concern that had arrisen during the first day on the water with their Shad Stick. I had been Texas rigging the bait as I would any other plastic worm, enterring the bait at the head, and then back in again in the mid-section. I had only been able to have a bait last no more than a couple of hook-ups, often only a single fighter. To my surprise, when my order arrived, there was another sampling of various colors that I had not yet given a try, but a note as well from the owner, stating the "enclosed" hooks, screw on models in a 5.0 size were their answe to the dilema. He had included 4 hooks as well for me to test out! (now I see that they also sell the hooks I mention!) I hit the water that afternoon. To my delight, not only did the bait stay put, but it lasted for an average of 4 fish, a feat that I have not dreamed about with any of the soft plastic baits that I have ever fished before! Properly baited, the Shad Stick is like throwing a Little George. If there is a bait out there that casts any longer, and into the wind at that, I don't know about it. As it falls, it has a wiggle that seems to plain drive bass crazy, but it also provides a great darting action when twitched. In fact, I honestly believe that the bait is dummy proof. There is no retrieve that will not attract fish! The bait has a slit on the belly side like most soft swim baits, for the hook offset to "hide" in, but they also made a channel top-side to rest the barb in. You can leave the hook exposed, and it is still extremely weedless. Although I still like the Water Melon Red the best, I have had success with most of the other colors that I have tried. I see that Kicker Fish Bait Co. has also recently come out with a saltless saltwater version. Word on the street is that the reds and trout are tearing them up at the Texas coast! I placed my latest order just a couple of days ago, and cannot wait until they arrive. I have gotten so addicted to the Shad Stick that I almost make excuses as to why I can't fish that day, if I am low or out of them. I said "almost"...I don't like to be that attached to a single bait, but man, what a wonderful attachment!

What I don't like about the Kicker Fish Bait Co. New Shad Stick: Now that I have been introduced to the screw on hooks, made by several retailers, and available at the Kicker Fish Bait Co. web site, I can honestly say that I cannot find a flaw in the bait, its' action, or its' fish catching ability!

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Rating for this Kicker Fish Bait Co. product: 5

Author of this review on Kicker Fish Bait Co. Bass Lures Baits: Gary L. Keeney

Date: 2004-03-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.4 out of 5.
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