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Butler Creek Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22 Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Butler Creek
Butler Creek Model: Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc I ordered both of my Butler Creek folding stocks from Cabela's catalogue. I bought the first stock for my Ruger mini-14 and paid $89.99. I bought another Butler Creek stock for my newly aquired Ruger 10/22, also from catalogue sales and I paid $84.99. I bought the first stock to help keep the original wood stock from damage. I bought the second stock because I enjoyed the advantages of the first stock and they are many. The folks at Cabela's are top notch in every respect. I had my stocks quickly and they were not a disappointment.

Things I like about the Butler Creek Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22 Hunting Gear Misc: The Butler Creek stock is a very high quality item. Tolerances are close, allowing the folding stock to open and close easilly and precisely. The rifle is snugly bedded into the stock for a more solid feel. The pistol grip and forestock allow a positive grasp and control of the weapon,translating into increased accuracy. The built in butt pad allows the pressure of the butt against the shoulder to be increased without discomfort also adding to the feeling of control . When the stock is folded, it allows the rifle to be carried on a sling, or transported in a carrying case as a much more compact,convenient package. A nice, thoughtful touch is the storage area provided in the pistol grip butt..handy.

What I don't like about the Butler Creek Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22: I have to say honestly that there is nothing about the unit that I don't like. If I had to nitpik I would say that the addition of ambidextrous sling hardware would be nice for me but perhaps not so for the right handers.

Hunting Gear Misc Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22 quality: The Butler Creek folding stock is of very high quality and design. Tolerances are tight enough for a precise fit without being difficult to install. The rifle and stock appear to have been designed for each other and there is no "after market" or clumsy appearance. Mold marks are present but difficult to find and there is no leftover material hanging here and there..another indication of quality.

Folding stocks for Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22 summary: I have improved my marksmanship using the Butler Creek stock. This fact alone makes the installation worthwhile but the convenience and increased versatility of my rifle are icing on the cake. Everyone I have asked has agreed that the rifle just "looks better" with the Butler Creek stock. I think that my satisfaction with the stock was underlined when I bought another Butler Creek folding stock for the new Ruger 10/22 that I bought from Cabel's catalogue sales last week.

Rating for this Butler Creek product: 5

Author of this review on Butler Creek Hunting Gear Misc: Jeff Martin

Date: 2009-10-07

Usefulness Rating: 3.26667 out of 5.
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