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burris eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: burris
burris Model: eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes MY wife got it for me mail order thru midway usa as a gift 05' 485.00 plus ship great deal price has since went UP

Things I like about the burris eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx Rifle Scopes: I had told her I wanted it after MUCH research...into 30 mm tube options. In 03' I had made a hunt in Alabama and had to PASS on a shot in Late January-RUT late in the afternoon at two MONSTER Whitetail Bucks...simply because I could Not see them at all with my Leupold varixII but I could see them somewhat with my naked eye and Nikon Monarch binocs 10x42...which I had bought for her that's ,,,another story. Anyway since then when I go deer hunting in either Tx,La,Miss,Al all of which I am blessed to have the opportunity to HUNT I always Carry my 280 w/this amazing scope and cannot wait till DARK you see the darker it gets the more excited I get because all those DARK trails and areas that you CANNOT see with your eyes, well I CAN NOW crisp clear and amazing...I never Knew this was possible to see that clear that late. I have spread the word to all my family and hunting buddies about this scope...but still I have yet to land a big one ...not the scopes fault. Also the overall length of the scope is not too long at all and the 50mm objective really makes it happen. Even with serious sun glare I can see clearly no ghost images at dusk and dawn Lifetime Warranty which I don't think I'll ever need makes it hard to pass up...I looked long and hard before getting my Burris, since then have bought two others all are truly amazing

What I don't like about the burris eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx: don't likes are the adjustment knob a little still to adjust but thats IT

Rifle Scopes eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx quality: Construction is SOLID, the turrent covers are sturdy aluminum...adjustment turrents are very comes with a cloth scope cover in addition to the sturdy rubber covers... which is great for traveling on my ATV, the Ballistic plex is great for making long shots I reload all My ammo and the Ball-plex is just the ticket. After several hundred rounds no loss of adjustment at all...I just have to do my part...squeeze Boom

eurodiamond 3-12 x 50 bal plx summary: I used to think you had to spend 1000.00 or more to get this type of scope performance...many of my friends use Zeiss ,Swarovski, and Leupold all good BUT If I had it to do all over again NO change I am sold on Burris...Period. I intend on changing all my Rifles to Burris optics and look forward to many years of hunting Good Hunting

Rating for this burris product: 5

Author of this review on burris Rifle Scopes: Dave in South Louisiana

Date: 2009-12-12

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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