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Carbon Express Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Carbon Express
Carbon Express Model: Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I am actually writing this based on my sons findings, and my visual inspection. Not to mention I have not found one review on this product. Having miss placed his Stinger 100gr broadheads, and being 20 years old, my son grabbed a package of Trilocks at Walmart for $15.00. New bow in hand, he headed to a property we aquired that is bow only.

Things I like about the Carbon Express Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead Broadheads: Now the broadhead looks more like something you would hang on a Christmas tree, due to its delicate appearance. My wife even commented on their appearance. Anything attached to hunting, that my wife finds interesting, I must pay attention too!! When you hold an arrow, with this broadhead attached, you will realize how well constructed it is. It just feels like it belongs there. A 140 lb doe later, we inspected the damage. I have never shot a deer with a rifle that was blood shot more! Entered high, angled forward into the off shoulder and tore a huge exit with a pass through at 20 yards. The doe expired at about 30 yards, after walking slowly away, trying to figure out what just happen. With the cut on contact tip, three blade construction, titanium coating, and wifes approval, I must admit I am sold. Oh, I failed to mention that they fly like darts! Next day he spined a spike, once again, the broadhead remaind together, all be it, a little dull. I figured the tip would have cracked, or rolled, but this was not the case. Carbon Express appears to be making some bold moves in the broadhead business, and I have no experience with their other products, but this broadhead needs more attention.

What I don't like about the Carbon Express Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead: They appear fragile, but I can testify they are anything but.

Broadheads Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead quality: This broadhead is a solid built product, that has many features that I would not expect for $15.00. Super sharp, true flight, and the little jewel is just a beauty to behold. The titanium coating gives a frost appearance. As stated, three main blades, with a small, true cut on contact tip, that is razor sharp.

Carbon Express Trilock ST3 Broadhead summary: When you see them, you will pick them up and take a look. 50/50 chance you will buy, due to the appearance of a fragile broadhead. If you do not give them a try, then you will miss the chance to shoot a class broadhead. I have bow hunted for 30+ years, and have much experience with wounds, due to my background, and I can tell you that my traditional bows are mad at me, because I just bought a compound so I can shoot. Yes, I was tempted to pop one on my traditionl rig, but these broadheads beg to be shot fast. Now I'm not saying this is the death ray broadhead that will end the arms race in archery, but I will stand behind the fact that I have seen the results on two deer, and you would be hard pressed to improve on our findings. For $15.00, this will be a positive investment.

Rating for this Carbon Express product: 5

Author of this review on Carbon Express Broadheads: Rick Shelley

Date: 2010-01-04

Usefulness Rating: 3.90909 out of 5.
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