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lacross burley 800 Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: lacross
lacross Model: burley 800
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots a christmas gift about seven or eight years ago my wife gave 90 to 100 dollars

Things I like about the lacross burley 800 Hunting Boots: sent free,dryfeet,looks,hightop,and closure strap in back .

What I don't like about the lacross burley 800: about five years of hunting and the rubber on lower front where the leg and foot pivot the boot makes a popping noise.

Hunting Boots burley 800 quality: will not hunt with anything else except maby some 1200`s.

burley 800 summary: i hunt almost every weekend three day weekeeds at that and some fullweeks two hunts a day some all day i have not worn out the boot at all.but the boots have lost there shelflife the rubber has started to crack and is comeing loose at the heal. noless than three hundred hunts on these boots not bad right. p.s. still wearing them just avoiding water

Rating for this lacross product: 5

Author of this review on lacross Hunting Boots: arnold s.

Date: 2010-01-13

Usefulness Rating: 2.99422 out of 5.
173 reader(s) voted.

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