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night bobby bobber Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617 Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: night bobby bobber
night bobby bobber Model: Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle I have owned several of these over the past couple years. I have purchased them from walmart and Cabelas. They are relatively inexpensive but you get what you pay for. I paid anywhere from 4 to 5 dollars.

Things I like about the night bobby bobber Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617 Fishing Tackle: I really like how bright they are when you first get them and the fact that they will hold up quite a bit of weight. I normally us 6/0 hooks with either live shad or bluegill or big pieces of cutbait. I fish in lakes and ponds where we seem to have more luck fishing suspended. The night bobby will hold a 8" live bluegill with ease, and when it has fresh batteries and rigged right it works good for a night or two.

What I don't like about the night bobby bobber Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617: What I do not like about it is the batteries dont last very long in them. I have also had bad luck with them coming apart in my tackle box or turning on when I am not using them. Also they are tricky to get rigged up and if you don't do it properly you will watch it float away as I have several times! Depending on the wind you may or may not ever get them back but I promise you it is annoying everytime! Also they are plastic and the top where the line attaches isn't strong enough for me. I have snapped off several of them while casting. You have to wrap your line around the top several times which weakens your line as well and I have had my line break at the bobber.

Fishing Tackle Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617 quality: The housing is good and strong and water tight. But the tip is not strong at all. The batteries do not last very long and the rattles can be annoying. You dont want to try and throw it out more then about 15 yards. A good strong throw and it will be flying across the water as your bait is sinking!

Night Bobby Item:2UG-114617 summary: If you are going to night fish on a camping trip or two a year I would say go ahead and buy one. I personally am fed up with messing around with them. There are several types of night floats that use glow sticks or lithium batteries that I have found that cost more upfront but seem to last longer. Anyone who is serious as I am about catching big cats already knows what I am talking about and isnt reading this, so for all beginners and weekend warriors this will work but dont get your hopes up too high.

Rating for this night bobby bobber product: 2

Author of this review on night bobby bobber Fishing Tackle: Big Cat Dice

Date: 2010-04-19

Usefulness Rating: 2.95402 out of 5.
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