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Delorme PN-30 GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Delorme
Delorme Model: PN-30
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: GPS I was looking for a new GPS to replace a Garmin I had. Something new to use when I went hunting and for a little bit of driving. I actually got the unit from Walmart on sale for $180.00 which was a deal in my opinion. I compared it to other brands that cost way more with less features.

Things I like about the Delorme PN-30 GPS: The unit is great, blows my Garmin away. The satellite tracking and acquiring is fast. I have had the unit for a year now and have never lost a signal. Places where the Garmin would drop the satellite the PN-30 is still going strong. Under heavy tree cover or on the highway doing 70 it tracked with no issues. I have had the unit in the extreme heat and in the cold with no problems. The map sets that are included are amazing, its stuff other companies make you buy for an extra $100.00 eg. Mapsource. Delorme also gives the option of having a year subscription to all types of maps like color, satellite images, aerial views and more for $24.00, unlimited downloads.

What I don't like about the Delorme PN-30: The only thing I donít like is the software for the maps; it takes time to get used to. The unit itself takes some time to learn how to use. There are so many options it takes time to play with it until you've got it down but when you do it is amazing.

GPS PN-30 quality: I feel it is a good quality product and well built. I have had it in the rain soaking wet and still functioned. I have dropped it and banged it around and it still doesn't skip a beat. I have left it in a vehicle for days in over 100 degree weather and works without a flaw.

PN-30 summary: As for me I will never go back to a Garmin or anything else for that matter. For the price and function of the unit it is well worth it and outperforms the other brands $500-600 models. As for me i will never leave home to go hunting without it. I even take it on driving trips because it is so accurate.

Rating for this Delorme product: 5

Author of this review on Delorme GPS: NCHunter

Date: 2010-09-26

Usefulness Rating: 3.01117 out of 5.
179 reader(s) voted.

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