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Purchase: Tree Stands I bought the stand out of a bass pro catalog,I did a lot of bow hunting for many years using home made stands and one of my friends told me about the grand slam and suggested I take a look at it.I looked at it in the catalog ,called Bass pro and talked to a salesman about it and just before we finished our conversation he said you can't beat it and you can set in it all day just like you was at home watching TV.iTS been a good while ago since I bought it but I think I paid about 229. to 239. dollars for it.

Things I like about the API /GRAND SLAM SUPREME TREE STAND GS2500MS /GRAND SLAM SUPREME Tree Stands: I like the way it's built, it's light in weight and easy to carry,not like those old homemade cumberson things I made.Yet it is very sturdy built. It's real easy to put up and take down and as the MAN at bass pro said "You can sit in it all day ,it'nice to rear back so quietly and comfortable and enjoy all that nature has to offer.MISTER WALL HANGER won't even know you're there, even if you do move around a little,But the the anwser to what I like about the unit is EVERY THING. ''

What I don't like about the API /GRAND SLAM SUPREME TREE STAND GS2500MS /GRAND SLAM SUPREME: I CAN'T think of any thing that I don't like about the unit.I even had a squirrel to fall in love with it last fall when I left it in a hot spot for about three days.When I returned to the stand I found that the squirrel had cut a hole in the seat pulled out most of the foam and made a nest inside the seat.In fact that is how I come about writing this review.Iwas on the internet looking around trying to find a new seat

Tree Stands GS2500MS /GRAND SLAM SUPREME quality: well built where it counts, easy to carry, very sturdy,easy to put up and take down

GS2500MS /GRAND SLAM SUPREME summary: The bottom line for me is I am glad that I bought the Grand slam supreme tree stand.It has searved me well.This year I turned 70 years old and I can still handle it well.I would recommend this tree stand to anyone.I've been around for a WHILE and i've seen about everything thats out there in the way of deer stands but if I were going to buy another tree stand tomorrow I would buy another Grand Slam.It's 1ST CLASS, BUT RIGHT NOW i'm just trying to buy a seat.

Rating for this API /GRAND SLAM SUPREME TREE STAND product: 5

Author of this review on API /GRAND SLAM SUPREME TREE STAND Tree Stands: Kenny Coates

Date: 2010-10-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.0873 out of 5.
126 reader(s) voted.

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