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Gary Yamamoto 4" dark green with black flake Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures Manufacturer: Gary Yamamoto
Gary Yamamoto Model: 4" dark green with black flake
Review Category: Fishing Lures

Purchase: Fishing Lures Drove to Cabelas in Hamburg,pa. Bought this pack of plastic worms (4" dark green with black flake). Went to the Blue Marsh Lake in Reading and hooked the worm up wacky style. Pitched it to a fallen log a few times. Hooked a 15" Bass on the third try. Tossed the same worm. to an overhanging bush and got a 17" Bass on the second try. Tried a pitch to another overhanging tree and got a 15" bass on the 4th toss.

Things I like about the Gary Yamamoto 4" dark green with black flake Fishing Lures: I love the action of this yamamoto worm. I have gotten great results.

What I don't like about the Gary Yamamoto 4" dark green with black flake: I did get snaged alot without a weedless hook up. Would be better if I used a weedless hook with the rig. I had it rigged weightless and on a #1 hook. I also like to use a 4lb leader called Vanish line.

Fishing Lures 4" dark green with black flake quality: Construction and quality are what can be expected from a plastic worm. I have been using a rubber O-ring to prevent wear when puting the hook in. It also makes the worm have better action when hooked to the o-ring. especially with the wacky rig set up. I then raise my rod tip from 9 to 12o clock. then real in the slack. I usually get a strike when the worm is floating back down to the bottom after raising the rod tip.

4" dark green with black flake summary: I have just been having alot of luck with this lure. I also have alot of luck other colors. Black, rootbeer, and natural colors work well too. Sometimes i will hook the worm by just hooking the nose and bringing the hook back into the worm weedless style. Then I cast it out and slowly creep it back to the boat. I have gotten a few bass with this hook up too.

Rating for this Gary Yamamoto product: 5

Author of this review on Gary Yamamoto Fishing Lures: Jeff Young

Date: 2010-11-28

Usefulness Rating: 3.00855 out of 5.
117 reader(s) voted.

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