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RedHead Carbon Fury Arrows Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: RedHead
RedHead Model: Carbon Fury Arrows
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I bought a dozen of these arrows at Bass Pro Shops when I purchased my bow. The sales guy said these would be a good starter set as I am new to the sport. I think I paid $54.00 (approximately).

Things I like about the RedHead Carbon Fury Arrows Arrows: So far after practicing for a month I can say that these arrows are holding up very well. I have only broken 2 arriows and both were my fault. The first one was broken at the range, I was sighting in at 50yds. and sunk an arrow into the 2"x4" frame of the target. I was unable to pull the arrow out as it had sunk in about 5 to 6 inches. It broke off when I tried to get it back. The 2nd arrow broke after hitting a brick wall, I tried to hit a bird and missed. OOpppsss.

What I don't like about the RedHead Carbon Fury Arrows: It's really not a dislike but it would be great if the fletching and nock were more of a florecent green and orange so I could see were they are hitting down range.

Arrows Carbon Fury Arrows quality: As I mentioned above the quality of these arrows is Great. I will be buying another set for myself as a x-mas present.

Carbon Fury Arrows summary: I doubt if you can buy a better set of arrows for under $100.00 anywhere. These arrows shoot very tight groups and are consistent. Don't be fooled into the hype that .001 to .0025 Straightness are superior. Technically they might be but, even someone with mad skills wont be able to tell the differance of the thickness of a human hair from end to end on a 30" arrow.

Rating for this RedHead product: 5

Author of this review on RedHead Arrows: Catfishken

Date: 2010-11-30

Usefulness Rating: 2.98008 out of 5.
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