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Frog Togs & Bass Pro Bone Dry Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Frog Togs & Bass Pro
Frog Togs & Bass Pro Model: Bone Dry
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc My friend and I went to Canada for a week of fishing. We both needed raingear. I bought the Bass Pro Bone Dry jacket and bibs. My buddy cheaped out and bought the Frog Togs jacket and pants... convinced he got a great deal on a cheap set of raingear. This week of fishing was a great test on our gear since it rained everyday. At the end of the very first day he wore a hole in his butt the size of a frisbee, and holes in each knees. I loaned him my Bass Pro Goretex suit that was 4 years old for the rest of the week.

Things I like about the Frog Togs & Bass Pro Bone Dry Hunting Gear Misc: Bass Pro Goretex, and Bass Pro Bone Dry are worth every dime. I've owned 4 sets of raingear in my lifetime. The first was a nylon rain suit from Cabellas, the second was a Drytex from Cabella's (or something like that). Then I finally got smart and bought Goretex - just happened to be from BassPro. Worth every penny. Wish I would have saved my $ and bought the good stuff to begin with.

What I don't like about the Frog Togs & Bass Pro Bone Dry: My buddy felt like he got screwed with the Frog Togs. While they may work great for a ladies out for a walk in the rain, it is absolutely not abrasion resistant or durable enough to stand up to being on your knees or sitting on a rough boat bottom on your butt.

Hunting Gear Misc Bone Dry quality: Bass Pro rain gear is world class. Another buddy of mine went on the same trip. He has Cabella's Guide Wear and he's worn my Bass Pro Bone Dry. They're both top notch well built outfits that can stand up to constant rain, while still being comfortable and breathable. Neoprene Seals on the cuffs are a nice touch. Chest pockets that run parallel to the main zipper are very useful and provide a great place for your phone.

Bone Dry summary: Frogg Toggs - unless you're looking for light-duty rain gear for a walk around the neighborhood, save your money. 1 star Bass Pro Goretex: Great value. Bibs are awesome and provide great coverage. 4.5 stars Bass Pro Bone Dry: Even better, however their bibs are more like pants with suspenders. Very durable, but would be nice to have actual bibs. 4 stars.

Rating for this Frog Togs & Bass Pro product: 5

Author of this review on Frog Togs & Bass Pro Hunting Gear Misc: Tim Olson

Date: 2010-12-25

Usefulness Rating: 2.9802 out of 5.
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