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Shimano FX2000 RA Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Shimano
Shimano Model: FX2000 RA
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I purchased the reel at Dickís Sporting Goods (Buffalo, NY) last summer for twenty-four dollars. I had used the larger model Shimano 4000 for catfish and bass, but as many fishermen do, decided I needed something new for the start of the year. I chose this reel because of its compatibility with lighter rods, and previously sold on the durability of Shimano spinning reels, I figured it would not likely disappoint.

Things I like about the Shimano FX2000 RA Fishing Reels: There are three types of people who fish. People who "will fish", people who "like to fish", and fishermen. This model is great for all three. Itís a simple unit that prevents a novice from looking like one. Itís rugged and reliable for people who fish regularly, and when fighting fish it performs as well as any reel Iíve ever used. The rear drag is very manageable, the bail never misbehaves, and the bail release mechanism is tight and responsive after a full season of almost exclusive use. Furthermore, I havenít done a thing with it regarding maintenance and it performs as well as it did the first day I put line on it.

What I don't like about the Shimano FX2000 RA: The only down side is line capacity. If you are a traditional monofilament user, you might find that the combination of a heavy spoon and the smooth release of line will leave you with only a portion of your line left on a good cast. If you get an early hit from a fatty you might find yourself in a bit of a situation. Nothing a little super line wonít fix.

Fishing Reels FX2000 RA quality: The unit is primarily plastic. Yes, the unit is basic enough in appearance that it looks fragile. The appearance is deceptive, which might explain why you donít see more of these on the lake. Do not be misled. This is not the rubbery, uncooperative plastic you might expect to find in a reel that costs less than $30. Compared to other reels Iíve used, the plastic responds more like ceramic. This is no doubt a result of the type of plastic used, but additionally the size and design of the reel give it a Ďstockyí character. There is no noticeable flex in the bail release trigger, the body, or the handle assembly. What you feel is what you get. The action is immediate and decisive during both casting and retrieve.

FX2000 RA summary: The problem with bells and whistles is that bells get annoying and whistles donít work well when wet. This reel is high quality, yet basic. I recommended this reel to a lawyer friend of mine who fishes regularly (and openly admits to having landed more seagulls than trout), and after a seasonís worth of deliberation he thanked me for the suggestion. Another friend of mine has a 5 year old son who is going to start fishing this summer, and I donít see any reason he shouldnít bypass the Zebco covered reel "teething stage" and go straight to this beauty. Itís just as easy to use, easier to string, and itís considerably more functional than many reels several times itís cost. Casting with both lures and live bait rigs can be mastered in no time. This is a reel that will have you fishing like a fisherman, even if youíre not remotely close.

Rating for this Shimano product: 5

Author of this review on Shimano Fishing Reels: Buffalo Bill

Date: 2004-03-31

Usefulness Rating: 4.99474 out of 5.
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