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Daiwa Cygnus 100-4bi Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Daiwa
Daiwa Model: Cygnus 100-4bi
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels I got the Daiwa Cygnus at a Dick's, a sporting goods box store, which, alas, is our only choice for decent tackle in the area. I hadn't had a baitcaster since I was a kid, when I used an assortment of rusty Penns from my grandfather. I wanted a reel for throwing large unweighted plastic baits. I got the reel for $39.95 on sale. Retail was $59.95.

Things I like about the Daiwa Cygnus 100-4bi Bass Fishing Reels: So far, all I like about the Cygnus is the price. I had never had to buy a baitcaster, so I had no idea they were going for more than nice fly reels. It was nice to find one on sale, until I got home ...

What I don't like about the Daiwa Cygnus 100-4bi: ... and loaded the spool, only to find that the line guide has a hesitation on the right side. So the right side of the spool is full, while the left has probably 2mm of space left. This reel just isn't going to work for my purposes. It won't cast any distance with light weights. Even adjusted properly, you can't throw 1/4 ounce ten feet. The lure just swings back from the spool resistance. Heavy lures (over 1/2 ounce) do fine in the mid-distance. I can hit the same spot within a foot at 30 feet, and casting is comfortable. I prefer to throw with the anti-reverse off. Once I get into longer casts and start turning up the anti-reverse, I can feel the drag. And even with the anti-reverse at 10, I still get backlash when I really let it go. This is probably as much my fault as the reel's. I'm out of practice and never had anti-reverse on the old Penns.

Bass Fishing Reels Cygnus 100-4bi quality: The body is not confidence-inspiring. The housing is plastic, and some of the parts, including the line guide, are composite (the spool is metal). The plastic seems rather cheap and is dimpled here and there.

Cygnus 100-4bi summary: If you want an inexpensive reel for throwing heavy jigs and plugs, the Cygnus may be worth a try, but if you're looking to flip baits, I wouldn't recommend this reel.

Rating for this Daiwa product: 2

Author of this review on Daiwa Bass Fishing Reels: Hart Matthews

Date: 2004-04-01

Usefulness Rating: 4.41071 out of 5.
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