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parker ultra lite 31 Let Us Assign It

Let Us Assign It Manufacturer: parker
parker Model: ultra lite 31
Review Category: Let Us Assign It

Purchase: Let Us Assign It mainly because my last name is parker,i bought a parker ultra lite 31 in 2005. i bought it from a pro shop for around $500 ??? i can't remember, that's 6 years ago... i do remember i've taken at least three deer every season since then with it. sometimes where i hunt requires a long hike so, in trying to keep my pack weight under 40# was another reason for choosing the ultra lite 31. i have been well pleased with it on the ground, in the climbing stand and in the ground blind. while hunting, most of my shots are around 20 yards but i've taken 30 yard shots with complete pass throughs. on the practice range 40 and 50 yard shots have held nice groups. even though my ultra lite 31 is set up for hunting, on the range i usually score from 230-260 with it. you could probably tweek around with it and have it shooting better but if it ain't broke don't fix it and for hunting, i'm confident and satisfied with it. there are faster bows on the market today (and they keep getting faster) but at 280+ fps i've never had a deer "jump the string"... it has always pretty much hit right where i held the pin.

Things I like about the parker ultra lite 31 Let Us Assign It: i like the short axle to axle length for ease of movement and the light weight...

What I don't like about the parker ultra lite 31: it would be nice if it had a sring stop on it but i don't think they even had those when this bow came out

Let Us Assign It ultra lite 31 quality: excellent

ultra lite 31 summary: i think anyone, from beginner to advanced would be well please with this bow. i have had it in the field for six years in sometimes harsh conditions and it is still holding up well for me. at the beginning of each hunting season only minor adjustments are needed from the previous season, i've taken a deer every season since i've owned it and i plan on one...or two this year.

Rating for this parker product: 5

Author of this review on parker Let Us Assign It: jerry vincent parker

Date: 2011-07-10

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
265 reader(s) voted.

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