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Bass Pro Shops Extreme Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops Model: Extreme
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels This reel was purchased at Bass Pro Shops in Baltimore, Maryland. The reel's retail price is $79.95, but is often offered on the Bass Pro Shop website for $49.95, and is also available in combination with the Bass Pro Shops Extreme XPS trigger rod for a price of $99.95.

Things I like about the Bass Pro Shops Extreme Bass Fishing Reels: Bass Pro Shop's Extreme casting reel is a low-profile unit with the following features: - 1 piece aluminum frame - 6 pin centrifugal brake system with removeable sideplate for easy adjustment - one piece lightweight aluminum spool - very smooth drag system, 'star' type drag adjustment - 5 bearing system - oversize reel handles - available in both 5.2:1 an 6.3:1 gear ratios The reel has a very lightweight machined-aluminum spool that 'floats' on two bearings, which provides a very smooth, low-inertia casting ability. The ergonomic, composite exterior is smooth and very comfortable to use when 'palming' the reel during retrieves, and the drag exhibits a very smooth and highly-adjustable range. Due to the design of the lightweight spool and precision bearings, the reel is quite capable across a range of situations, from light line and small rapalas to heavy braids flippin' big jigs to wood. I have used my reel with line as light as 10 lb. Berkley Big Game, to as heavy as 50 lb. Power Pro Spectra(tm) braid.

What I don't like about the Bass Pro Shops Extreme : The only problem which I have had with the unit is the black finish on the exposed aluminum frame is subject to rubbing off with use, leaving the base aluminum visible. This is only a problem with asthetics, however, as it in no way hinders the function of the reel.

Bass Fishing Reels Extreme quality: The reel is constructed of a single-piece aluminum frame which is intended to reduce or eliminate the posibility of yielding or warping of the frame in heavy load situations. The composite side plates are sleek and snag-free, fit and finish are exceptional for a unit in this price range.

Extreme summary: Here's the bottom line: the Bass Pro Shops Extreme reel is a very cabable casting reel available at a very affordable price point. I have had one of these reels for about one year, and the reel has been used heavily in tournaments and day-to-day fishing trips. My reel has performed exceptionally well, other than the tendency of the finish to wear off the exposed aluminum. To me, beauty is as beauty does, and measuring by that yardstick, this reel is a beauty indeed. Due to my experience with my first unit, I have aquired five more for my battery of casting rods. Each has functioned as well as the first, in situations as diverse as casting small, 3/16 oz. crankbaits to pitching and flippin' 3/4 oz jigs to heavy cover. If you need a high-performance reel at a reasonable price, don't hesitate to give one of these reels a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed. For the record, I am in no way associated with Bass Pro Shops other than as a satisfied customer.

Rating for this Bass Pro Shops product: 4

Author of this review on Bass Pro Shops Bass Fishing Reels: Jim Hancock

Date: 2004-04-05

Usefulness Rating: 4.33333 out of 5.
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