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Humminbird 400 TX Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Humminbird
Humminbird Model: 400 TX
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders My wife bought me the 200 TX for my birthday. I upgraded to the 400 because I wanted the higher pixel count.

Things I like about the Humminbird 400 TX Fish Finders: This unit is very easy to use. I mostly leave in it in the automatic mode which works great. There is probably a lot of additional features that I have not figured out yet. One that I do use is the zoom feature. It seems to work well. I was able to use it as portable while ice fishing by hooking it up to a battery and just dropping the transducer down the hole. I worked great - I could see the fish enter the strike zone. Walleyes sitting on the bottom would show up as humps on the bottom.

What I don't like about the Humminbird 400 TX: I am not real crazy about the little fish symbols. I would rather just see the marks. I wonder how much real detail I am seeing.

Fish Finders 400 TX quality: Construction seems to be real solid. I had it mounted on a little 14' boat for a couple of summers and then I got a new boat so I took it off am now mounting it on my new boat. During the winter I used it as a portable so it banged around in the back of my truck and still keeps working well. I am replacing an eagle magnaview plus.

400 TX summary: Real good value for the money. It is easy to use and provides real valuable fish finding information.

Rating for this Humminbird product: 5

Author of this review on Humminbird Fish Finders: Gregg Piehl

Date: 2004-04-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.35714 out of 5.
168 reader(s) voted.

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