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Koflach Degre Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: Koflach
Koflach Model: Degre
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots The boots were purchased for $195 new on E Bay, but normally they retail for $250. I purchased the boots due to my previous experience as a sheep hunting guide with this brand, but the Degres were a new model that I had not tried. They are of course synthetic mountaineering boots, and as a registered guide in Alaska I have found nothing more suitable for sheep hunting than this type of boot.

Things I like about the Koflach Degre Hunting Boots: The boots are quite a bit more flexible than many synthetic boots, and this is very important if you have had bad experiences with this type of boot. They are still plenty stiff enough to be far superior to leather boots in nasty country. Of course I have always liked the waterproof shell, which never absorbs moisture in comparison to a leather boot with a mere Gore Tex liner. The boots excel in areas where it is necessary to sidehill around the mountains, and they also excel when loaded with a heavy pack. Not too warm for 60 degree weather in my opinion, but plenty warm enough for zero degrees.

What I don't like about the Koflach Degre: The only complaint I have with this boot is a simple rubber rand that contours around the toe and front edges of the boots is prone to peel loose after a few days in the rough stuff. It isn't a major issue, since it can be repaired with a little adhesive, but it shouldn't happen on $250 boots. Also the boots are not suitable for close up quiet stalking, since they are hard plastic on the outside, and are noisier than your average boot because of this.

Hunting Boots Degre quality: Apart from the rubber rand trying to peel loose around the front toe, the boots are constructed to last the average guy a long time. Sheep guides who spend 35-55 days per year in very rough, rocky country will probably get two seasons out of them, perhaps three, but few hunters put their boots through the same torture that sheep guides do.

Degre summary: Overall, the Koflach Degres are the best plastic mountaineering boot I have tested at this time, and they are a great buy if you can get them under $200. They provide the support, and protection that is required of a boot used in extremely rocky terrain, such as is commonly found in sheep country. Not for the average hunter in the midwest, but perfectly suited to elk hunting in the high country, mulies in the rough stuff, and sheep of all sorts.

Rating for this Koflach product: 4

Author of this review on Koflach Hunting Boots: Tony Dingess

Date: 2004-04-14

Usefulness Rating: 3.08612 out of 5.
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