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Mepps Basser Kit Lures Bass Lures Baits

Bass Lures Baits Manufacturer: Mepps
Mepps Model: Basser Kit Lures
Review Category: Bass Lures Baits

Purchase: Bass Lures Baits Dunham's Sporting Goods had a sale on for $21.99 for all six of them. That was the beginning of Summer, but I'm sure they'll be on sale throughout the warm months.

Things I like about the Mepps Basser Kit Lures Bass Lures Baits: Maybe we should ask the Bass what they like about them. There's bound to be something they like in this pack. I usually start with the Black Fury and work my way down the color spectrum from there. Too many of my fellow fishing buddies discount spinners to fast and turn to them as a last resort. For me their the best thing going and the first I turn to.

What I don't like about the Mepps Basser Kit Lures: I wish they offered these a little smaller in size. It's my belief that Bass quite often aren't interested in the larges item on the plate, just something with a good presentation as if it will taste good.

Bass Lures Baits Basser Kit Lures quality: Mepp's are well made and believe me when I say you'll lose them to a snag before this lure gives out on you.

Basser Kit Lures summary: Great lures at a great price. I like how they picked the selection for me using their research rather than me always hunting and digging for different styles and colors. I wish all lure manufacturers offered different assortment packs like this. I'd be a lot richer and if I was catching something I'd be happier to and in the end those two are all that matters.

Rating for this Mepps product: 4

Author of this review on Mepps Bass Lures Baits: Paul Jacksonville, FL

Date: 2003-09-02

Usefulness Rating: 4.75 out of 5.
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