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Smith & Wesson .500 Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson Model: .500
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I was fortunate enough to acquired the new 500 Smith and Wesson by doing a little horse trading at a gun dealer/shooting range called Bullseye.There was no money that actually traded hands, though the salesman advised me that I would be taking a beating, the asking price on the pistol was $800.00. I was mearly trading 3 pieces of iron for 1. I enjoy shooting, though I don't consider myself an expert by any means, and I have a nice aray of pistols and long guns. I, along with a number of buddies do quit a bit of shooting and testing of differant rounds for the differant guns. We take our knowledge of the rounds that we shoot out into the field by night hunting the ferel hog/russian boar cross bred hog here in Texas. These animals have proven to be quit a formittable advisary. This process of back yard testing and then out into the field has been going on for years now but we find that as time goes on, these hogs are putting on an easy 100 lbs. a year and the round that we test as adequit for a 300 lber in no longer efficient on what are now 400 lbers. Consiquently, we are going after a wounded hog more often than not. The new Smith and Wesson 500 gives one somewhat of sense of security when one finds themselfs going into a cane stand thats ten foot tall at 1 a.m. in morning after a wounded 400 plus lb. hog.

Things I like about the Smith & Wesson .500 Shooting Accessories: Again, if gives one a somewhat comforting sense of security knowing that you've got the most powerful handgun available while chasing into the brush or cane after a hog that's more than twice your weight and wounded that has Razors' that are capable of ripping your leg of with a flip of its head if you allow it to get that close. Thats where the stopping power of the 500 comes into play. Time and time again other guns from 38's to 44 mags have failed us with point blank shots into the brain on hogs that we've had in traps. Yes, thats right, a 44 mag at point blank range into the brain of one of these beast in a trap only to have the beast spring back to it's feet in disbelief. The new S & W 500 is a comfortable and nice handling gun whose recoil was less than I expected due partially in part to the porting of the balrrell and partially in part to the 4.5 lb weight of the gun. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoy's shooting large caliber pistols.

What I don't like about the Smith & Wesson .500: The only draw back's I seen to the new S&W 500 are statments made in articles the likes of Rep. Danny Davis (Dem.-Ill.) who say,"I think guns are made to ki_ll people. Thats my opinion." And when asked if he would seek a nationwide ban on the 500 his reply was,"Yes, indeed." To add to that are article like the one written in the Los Angeles Times by Ralph Frammolino and Steve Berry stating that the new 500 is "more revolver than anyone needs." And that,"Its kick can send a grown man reeling" Misconceptions that can only be dreamed up by those without hands on experience in the field of hunting!

Shooting Accessories .500 quality: I've read many article on the construction of the new S&W 500 am impressed with it all. It's quality starts with a round that was designed from the ground up,the diameter of it, the psi limits, and the brass that would be used of which none existed, so a newly designed one made by Cor Bon out of Sturgis, S.D.. The revolver itself is one that I am confidant will withstand years of use due to its totally new design which had to be done to withstand the 50,000 psi max design of the round. The barrel of the gun is not only threaded into the giant "X" frame, but it is also completly captured by a seperate stainless steel shroud which slips over the barrel and braces against the forward portion of the frame. They maintain cylinder alignment with a lock on the rear of the cylinder, which is common but the real, less obvious, retention of alignment comes from the spring loaded detent ball on the front side of the cylinder. All in all I look forward to many years of enjoyment due to its quality and look forward to handing it down to my sons when the time comes. I don't take the word quality lightlyeither due to the job that I have held for almost 20 years and that is one of being a machinist in aviation where I turn raw pieces of metal block and turn them into working pieces of the aircratf and there engines while holding tolerances of plus or minus .0002 - so you can take my word on the new .500, it's a nicely made product.

.500 summary: Many of the reviews that I've read have content by both pro and anti gun advocate's but the bottom line is that the 500 S&W is the first of its kind and definatly at the top of the heep! Banned or not, it will be greatly appreciated by those who use it as it was designed to be used, and that, I feel is not k-_ll people or inner urban crime,but rather when one finds themselve caught betwwen a hard place and a rock with the likes of a angry wounded animal like a moose or a grizzly or a 500 lb Russian boar that attacking. It's a nice shooting piece of equiptment that is easily sighted in and draws questions of interest out in the field. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion on it. Phill Schiefer

Rating for this Smith & Wesson product: 4

Author of this review on Smith & Wesson Shooting Accessories: Phill Schiefer

Date: 2004-04-16

Usefulness Rating: 4.91198 out of 5.
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