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Yamaha F150 Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors Manufacturer: Yamaha
Yamaha Model: F150
Review Category: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Purchase: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors These units were purchased from Norfolk Marine a Grady Dealership in Norfolk Virginia. They were purchased to replace a 250hp Yamaha 2 stroke. The 250 was in good running condition but lacked adequate power for the Grady White 268 Islander. My frequent offshore trips were not as comfortable with a single. I could always hear the theme from Jaws in the background while I fished!

Things I like about the Yamaha F150 Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: The improvement in performance was far more than I had expected. The 250s most efficient speed was 27 at 4700rpms where it burned at 1.6 -1.8 mpg. The top end was about 32 - 33 mph. The pair of 150s cruise at 32 -33 at 4300 rpms and burn 2.2 - 2.3 mpg. Top end moved to 45 - 46 mph. Boat weight in each case was 7500lbs and speed was taken from GPS. Fuel measured with Yamaha fuel management gauge. The engines were propped with Powertec SS 14.5 x 16. The quieter running is much appreciated.

What I don't like about the Yamaha F150: Nothing about the units themselves. But it is very early. We now have about 13 hours but the change was so dramatic we thought we should share the opinion now with those considering replacement or original engines.

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors F150 quality: Units look and perform at the high level expected of Yamaha. Very sloppy installation job done by Grady dealership! Norfolk Marine is both a Grady dealer and of course a Yamaha dealer. Old dash back board from many years before my boat. Lots of lose bolts, washers etc in the bilge. Horrible dash mounting, not enough room to disengage starboard engine unless you use a tool. They suggested carrying a pocket knife...right! General electrical issues from wires knocked lose during installation.

F150 summary: We will enjoy thses units a great deal in our offshore fishing efforts. Yamaha has been a consistent producer of high quality units. Not so the work of the Grady folks.

Rating for this Yamaha product: 5

Author of this review on Yamaha Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: George Denninghoff

Date: 2004-04-19

Usefulness Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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