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Quantum Energy PT E600PT Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Quantum Energy PT
Quantum Energy PT Model: E600PT
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: I acquired the reel from a local sporting goods store. I bought the reel because I liked the look and feel of it. I paid around 160.00 for it.

Things I like about the Quantum Energy PT E600PT: I liked the feel of the silky six bearing drive and the super free spool. Plus Quantums dedication to quality. The reel casts really well has a super slick retrieve to it and the cast control works really well at keeping those annoying backlashes to a minimum.

What I don't like about the Quantum Energy PT E600PT: There is very little I dislike about the unit except to say that the free spool is really fast and can catch you off guard!

E600PT quality: Quantum has started using new and different materials which is leading to better and stronger reels. I am really impressed with the frame it has no flex or give. The new PT bearings are super strong and smooth. I found the drag to be very smooth it pays line out very nice for those times when fighting bigger fish. The gearng has a very smooth and solid feel to it. I found the instant anti reverse to have very little back play in the handle for when you need to set that hook hard. The extra hard scratch resistant coating on the frame and the side plates keeps the reel looking new even after hard day out on the water.

E600PT summary: Over all the reel has a great feel to it. The casting distances you can achieve with this reel is quite impressive. The retrieve and the drag are really slick. I have to say that I have always been a fan of shimano but this time I would have to say that I am cheering for Quantum.

Rating for this Quantum Energy PT product: 5

Author of this review on Quantum Energy PT Fishing Reels: JB

Date: 2004-04-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.7619 out of 5.
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