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Streamlight Ultra Stinger Other

Other Manufacturer: Streamlight
Streamlight Model: Ultra Stinger
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I bought mine on the Internet because I couldn't find them locally. I know other people with the Streamlight flashlights and they love them. I paid $95

Things I like about the Streamlight Ultra Stinger : The Streamlight stinger and Ultra stinger flashlights are very high quality. The beam is the brightest and farthest reaching I have ever seen in a flashlight. The rechargable battery pack lasts a long time and recharges quickly. The ultra stinger differs from the regular stinger by being longer (larger battery pack), larger lens, and brighter. The regular stinger is more than bright enough to delight anyone however and is a more compact size.

What I don't like about the Streamlight Ultra Stinger : The run time is about one hour. This is often not enough when tracking a deer at night so I bring along another flashlight. When the battery goes low it does so very quickly. You get full power right up to the end but then it comes fast. I guess this is the sacrifice for shuch a bright light out of a hand held flashlight.

Ultra Stinger quality: All aluminum case, unbreakable lens, o-ring seals, and engraved individual serial number all add to the quality and value. Made in the good old USA!

Ultra Stinger summary: This is the best flashlight I have ever owned and would highly recomend it to anyone. I have shown it to several others who then went out and bought one.

Rating for this Streamlight product: 5

Author of this review on Streamlight Other: Dave Lobi

Date: 2004-04-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.96 out of 5.
50 reader(s) voted.

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