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Steel Force Sabertooth Series Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Steel Force
Steel Force Model: Sabertooth Series
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Bought at Bass Pro Shops, Auburn Hills, MI $23.99 per 3 broadheads. Saw them in an archery catalog and they looked and sounded great.

Things I like about the Steel Force Sabertooth Series: I'm shooting the 100 grain, my wife shoots the 85 grain. The broadhead is razor sharp out of the package. The trailing 1/3 of the blades is serrated producing an awesome blood trail. I like the fixed blade / cut on contact broadheads rather than the mechanical / open on contact for two reasons. The fixed blades stay on trejectory better if there is slight incidental contact with twigs or other obsticles. I have had mechanical broadheads break apart upon hitting bone providing less cutting and hemmoraging. I have harvested 5 deer in the last 3 seasons with these broadheads and all but one was a complete pass through. Also three of the 5 piled up within earshot, cannot ask for more out of a broadhead

What I don't like about the Steel Force Sabertooth Series: The tip of the broadhead seems kind of soft. I have had two misses with them and both had folded over tips. One straightened out ok but the other broke off when I tried to fix it. I sharpen my own broadheads and still used the one that hit the dirt. The Titanium series that Steel Force offers might be better in this area.

Sabertooth Series quality: Nice quality. The blades are easily removed if you want to sharpen them yourself.

Sabertooth Series summary: Great broadhead. Keeps putting meat in the freezer and racks on the wall for me. SteelForce even offers Free Lifetime sharpening for those who want.

Rating for this Steel Force product: 4

Author of this review on Steel Force Broadheads: Dave Lobi

Date: 2004-04-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.44231 out of 5.
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