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Gambler Ninja Spinner - Gold Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures Manufacturer: Gambler
Gambler Model: Ninja Spinner - Gold
Review Category: Fishing Lures

Purchase: Fishing Lures I bought a couple of Ninja Spinners (4 blades) from Bass Pro Shops in 2000-2001, though I can't really remember the cost, I believe they were probably around $9 ish at the time.

Things I like about the Gambler Ninja Spinner - Gold Fishing Lures: I love these Spinners, I have had nothing but good luck using the Ninja lures, the large mouth bass love them. I like the handling and for some reason, I can really feel the fish ambush as I reel in my line. I also feel that I can see my lure much easier in the water with the spinners flashing as they approach the boat. This has been helpful.

What I don't like about the Gambler Ninja Spinner - Gold: I can't find them anymore! I didn't see them at Bass Pro the last time I was there looking for them. I searched on-line and can't seem to find them anywhere, please help!

Fishing Lures Ninja Spinner - Gold quality: I'm pretty sure the lure is titanium with 4 wedge blades. My favorite color is the gold but I do have a silver one that can substitute well. The construction is stable and I'm terrified of losing it one day.

Ninja Spinner - Gold summary: This lure has allowed me to catch and release some decent sized bass - as a female, I am always competing with my husband and his friends. I don't have any girlfriends that fish and so I want to show the guys that I too can bring in the fish everyone will envy for the day. It's healthy competition and I still have a ton to learn about different baits (Texas Rig and Jigs are still really hard for me) but I am patient and willing. It's my turn to make their jaws drop again - the Ninja spinner always does that for me :-)

Rating for this Gambler product: 5

Author of this review on Gambler Fishing Lures: tbassngal

Date: 2004-04-22

Usefulness Rating: 3.06897 out of 5.
29 reader(s) voted.

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