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ADG lightweight breathable Waders & Boots

Waders & Boots Manufacturer: ADG
ADG Model: lightweight breathable
Review Category: Waders & Boots

Purchase: I needed waders for steelhead fishing. The waders are $160 from ADG.

Things I like about the ADG lightweight breathable : I like that the waders are lightweight. I also like that they have not only built in gravel guards but also a built in wading belt. I think all waders over $150 should have both built in gravel guards and a built in belt (or at least built in belt buckles.).

What I don't like about the ADG lightweight breathable : The waders wear out FAST. I fish 4 or more days a week, and after about 3 months they leaked, and the neoprene booties started getting holes in them. The booties are regular neoprene, as compared to heavier duty neoprene found in similiarly priced waders from Orvis or Simms. Also, while they have a knee patch it is only single stitched. I found that it is very difficult to get in touch with ADG. It took over a month just to get a simple question answered, and I not only emailed them but also called them and left messages on their answering machine.

lightweight breathable quality: Neoprene booties can wear out quickly, arent higher density neoprene's like in Orvis or Simms, and are single stitched. Have built in gravel guards and built in belt. I would not recommend if you will use them alot.

lightweight breathable summary: Like that they have built in gravel guards and belt, but I dont think they are very durable, ADG is very difficult to deal with, and the warranty only covers manufacturer defects, and if you have a bad pair of waders that leak after say 2 months, instead of getting a new pair of waders you just get half of your money back (see for warranty)

Rating for this ADG product: 2

Author of this review on ADG Waders & Boots: FlyGuy

Date: 2004-05-06

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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