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Robinson Scent Shield Power Pro 2 Calls Lures Scents

Calls Lures Scents Manufacturer: Robinson
Robinson Model: Scent Shield Power Pro 2
Review Category: Calls Lures Scents

Purchase: Calls Lures Scents I've been hunting in heavy brush for the last few years and by the time you see them their up close and personal. Without a good mast or coverup you'll miss half of them that come close. I think the price was about $20.00.

Things I like about the Robinson Scent Shield Power Pro 2 Calls Lures Scents: I used to use the red fox urine but for some reason the last few years it seems as they raise their level of awareness even though they don't run off they do seem to be on edge. I'm looking to take me out of the equation all together and this stuff is doing it.

What I don't like about the Robinson Scent Shield Power Pro 2: There is no magic cure you have to use this stuff on anything that might give you away. Since hunting is my life I won't even step into the garage with my hunting gear. I keep it all separate away from any oils or chemicals in the house. I wish this stuff was good enough to allow me to wear anything, but science hasn't reached that point yet.

Calls Lures Scents Scent Shield Power Pro 2 quality: This stuff works, in fact I recently saw on their website that they won the Readers Choice award from Bow Hunting Magazine.

Scent Shield Power Pro 2 summary: It works, it doesn't smell like anything or make them want to love you, it just takes your odor out of the woods. Without movement I have yet to spook either a buck or a doe. Definitely worth the price of admission. I've already bought the large bottle to take to camp to spray everyone down, no sense other hunters making them weary.

Rating for this Robinson product: 5

Author of this review on Robinson Calls Lures Scents: Norm T.

Date: 2003-09-03

Usefulness Rating: 4.375 out of 5.
8 reader(s) voted.

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