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Penn 310 GTi Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Penn
Penn Model: 310 GTi
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I purchased this unit in Key West Florida at a K-Mart for a price of $91.00 excluding tax. I was in need of a reel for some offshore Trolling. We had been catching Mahi Mahi, and I was using loaner gear since my own was back in Virginia. I had about $200.00 to spend for both rod and reel so I purchased the most bang for the buck. We decided to fish for Tarpon and Grouper first before going offshore. This reel worked wonderfully.

Things I like about the Penn 310 GTi Fishing Reels: The 310 GTi while not a bruiser of an offshore reel is great for an all-around reel. The smoothness of the spool when it is in free-spool mode made long heaving casts easy. The drag tension sets solid and the loud clicker will definitely get everyones attention when you get a strike. Although the 310 GTi is designed for 15 lb. test line. I loaded it with 30 lb. Trilene and had plenty on the spool for trolling. The reel didnt seem to mind the heavier line. Using a 6 ounce crocodile spoon I was making casts to 80 yards or better ! The reel fed line so smoothly that backlash was not a problem. When reeling in, again a very smooth action. The drag lock and free spool switches made for quick change between casting and reeling. The 3.4-1 gear ratio provided good action on the spoon lure even at a slow pace. Although on long heaving casts it did get tiresome reeling in. This little reel is destined to be a favorite of anglers whether Trolling offshore, bottom fishing, Heaving for red Drum, or casting lures. The Penn 310 GTi is a workhorse of a reel at an affordable price. My next reel will be a 330 GTi !!!

What I don't like about the Penn 310 GTi: I liked everything about it.

Fishing Reels 310 GTi quality: The construction is tight, light weight and solid. With a great smooth action.

310 GTi summary: For beginning fisherman going offshore Trolling and even with bait casting or lure casting this is a smooth but tough reel, Id buy GTi every time Penn reels has a winner in this series !

Rating for this Penn product: 5

Author of this review on Penn Fishing Reels: J.M. Knowles

Date: 2004-05-19

Usefulness Rating: 4.7037 out of 5.
54 reader(s) voted.

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