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Hunter's View Hawk Climbing Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Hunter's View
Hunter's View Model: Hawk Climbing
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands It came yesterday from I don't recall exactly what it cost since I bought a new safety harness and a few lures, Somewhere close to $99.00.

Things I like about the Hunter's View Hawk Climbing Tree Stands: I had a real old loggy without a seat on it. I purchased a strap on seat, but I'm tall and it didn't give me the best support especially when bundled up for one of the colder days of the year. For this one the seat is part of the unit and pretty comfortable compared to others I've tried. The straps are generous in size as well compared to my old loggy whose straps were nothing more than carrying handles.

What I don't like about the Hunter's View Hawk Climbing : It's not completly camo'd. The base is a gray that will probably blend in well enough, but I would rather not take any chances. It's to late to paint it and not have to worry about scent so I will probably buy a couple of rolls of camo tape and then spray it down with scent shield real well in addition to leaving it under the shed.

Tree Stands Hawk Climbing quality: For $100 I didn't expect miracles, but it's pretty solid. I go a little over the weight limit of 300 with a full pack of gear, gun and knapsack so I'm alway think about that in the back of my mind. I also wish it were a little quieter when climbing, but I'm sure after a little use it will work out.

Hawk Climbing summary: For $100 some dollars I think I did well. I don't have to worry a lot about losing it like I would with a high end stand and it is very comfortable, especially with the padded armrest in the warmer months. I'll give it a three out of five.

Rating for this Hunter's View product: 3

Author of this review on Hunter's View Tree Stands: Bill Hemlen Sr. Boise, ID

Date: 2003-09-04

Usefulness Rating: 4.82072 out of 5.
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