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Pflueger PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Pflueger
Pflueger Model: PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I bought this reel from Bass Pro Shops, while shopping online. It cost $129.95, but I got a discount because I ordered it with a Bass Pro Shops Extreme "XPS" baitcast rod. I chose this particular reel because of the already good reputation of the Pflueger Trion, and because it had been receiving a large amount of good reviews after only being on the market a short time.

Things I like about the Pflueger PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel Fishing Reels: The President is a great baitcast reel. It's sturdy and very durable. It casts as smooth as any other baitcasting reel in the same price range. I mainly use it to pitch baits, and it will pitch a bait further than some reels will let you overhand-cast a bait. It also fits in your hand perfectly.

What I don't like about the Pflueger PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel: The only negative I can think of for this reel is a lack of versatility when it comes to different fishing techniques and presentations. However, if you're like me, you have particular rod/reel combos for each of these, so it does not matter.

Fishing Reels PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel quality: This reel is built on an aluminum frame, which makes it very tough, and not too heavy. It's gears and bearings are as smooth and precise as can be.

PRESIDENTLP/President low-profile baitcast reel summary: For a mid-priced baitcast reel, the Pfleuger President is a great buy and will accentuate your fishing abilities.

Rating for this Pflueger product: 5

Author of this review on Pflueger Fishing Reels: Kaelen M. Robb

Date: 2004-05-25

Usefulness Rating: 4.44262 out of 5.
61 reader(s) voted.

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