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Cabela's Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo Fishing Line

Fishing Line Manufacturer: Cabela's
Cabela's Model: Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo
Review Category: Fishing Line

Purchase: Fishing Line I purchased Cabela's ProLine through Cabela's website for $6.99 for 1450 yards of line. Why I bought it was because of their field test offer. Anyone can use Cabela's ProLine for 60 days and if you don't like it or you don't think it performs well, you can send it back and get all your money back

Things I like about the Cabela's Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo Fishing Line: I really liked castability in the proline. It also was easy to make secure knots in. Sometimes I have had fishing line that it is hard to make a good knot in. I used it for my kids fishing poles and you know how kids are, their lines are in the trees, rocks or somehwere where their not supposed to be and I found the proline to be extremely tough. Another think I liked about proline is the price. If you buy 2 or more spools of proline, you get a dollar off each spool. Where can you get 1450 yards of 10 pound test for $5.99?

What I don't like about the Cabela's Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo: The only thing I didn't like is that Cabela's should stamp on the spool how many pound test the line is. They have it places on the face of the spool and after repeated use my sticker was ruined. To remedy the problem, I took my woodburner and burnt in the pound test on each spool.

Fishing Line Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo quality: Very tough and comes in many colors to match your fishing needs

Cabela's ProLine Premium Line - Color- Camo summary: I have used Cabela's ProLine for over three years now and I love it. I fish for Bass, Trout, Salmon,Pike, Pickeral and Perch. I have never had a problem with this line. It is cheap enough so I respool my reels every year. It is also kid approved. I highly recommend Cabela's ProLine

Rating for this Cabela's product: 5

Author of this review on Cabela's Fishing Line: Jim Catevenis

Date: 2004-05-31

Usefulness Rating: 3.05323 out of 5.
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