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Amacker Outdoors Rigid Rail Ladder Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Amacker Outdoors
Amacker Outdoors Model: Rigid Rail Ladder
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I bought this directly off the maker which is Amacker Outdoors Tree Stands. It was $350.00 plus some shipping which I don't recall.

Things I like about the Amacker Outdoors Rigid Rail Ladder Tree Stands: Some buddies built me a nice stand last year, but there wasn't time for walls, or even a real solid ladder. I appreciate their efforts since I couldn't get to camp until the evening before. It was a nice stand the only problem was I kept thinking to myself I had way to much going for me to be risking my life everytime I got up and down from it. This is a lot safer than nine out of ten home made ones and as I get older I catch myself thinking about safety more often.

What I don't like about the Amacker Outdoors Rigid Rail Ladder : I'd guess she's about 80 pounds or so which doesn't make it very portable for me at least. It's too bad they can't make these with some space age alloy, or even abs plastic.

Tree Stands Rigid Rail Ladder quality: The stand is very well made and once you get in place you're not going anywhere unless you want to. I also like it's ability to adjust to different size tress right down to just a little bigger than a few years old.

Rigid Rail Ladder summary: I'm very pleased with it and know I won't be wandering about my next trip out of the tree when I'm up there. This is the first ladder stand I've owned and after a few mornings in it have to say this is the way to go. Make sure you pick the right spot the first time as you don't want to be tugging this dog through the woods during the season. Good Luck this year...

Rating for this Amacker Outdoors product: 4

Author of this review on Amacker Outdoors Tree Stands: Jacob, Fayetteville, NC

Date: 2003-09-04

Usefulness Rating: 1.55682 out of 5.
176 reader(s) voted.

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