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Other Manufacturer: Bucks Deer Nutrition
Bucks Deer Nutrition Model: Bucks Deer Nutrition / regular
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I bought it in a local sporting goods store, Shenandoah Sports in Winchester Va. to try it out. It was recomended by several people I talked with in our area. I paid $10.00 for a 11 pound container. Now I buy a 45 lb. bucket for $37.95 I now found it is on the web at

Things I like about the Bucks Deer Nutrition Bucks Deer Nutrition / regular: I,like many others who told me about this product, was impressed on what I read about the contents. It was a truly vitamin and mineral supplement for deer that was not 50% or more SALT! So I tried it and the deer love it. Since then I have talked to other people in the area about it and some already new about it and some had pictures to show me of the bucks they have taken with it.

What I don't like about the Bucks Deer Nutrition Bucks Deer Nutrition / regular: I wish they would do more advertising. I would of like to have this stuff years ago. The lids on the buckets are hard to take off the first time but I guess that is just how the buckets are made. Some areas deer seem to be shy of it at first and some other areas deer jump on it the same day or night I put some out.

Bucks Deer Nutrition / regular quality: The mineral is in a loose form, I guess it looks like brown sand. You can see mits and pices of things mixed in with it. It comes in a clear 11 lb continer and in white plastic buckets.

Bucks Deer Nutrition / regular summary: I feel they make the only true supplement for whitetail deer and now I see they are making a 25% protein supplement. My thanks to who ever is making this supplement and I can,t what to try their new supplement. Everything I read about whitetail deer supplement, this product has it in in at the right ratio and deer love it and so do I!

Rating for this Bucks Deer Nutrition product: 5

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Date: 2004-06-09

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