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Yamamoto Senko Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Yamamoto
Yamamoto Model: Senko
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle Acquired through bass pro shops in orlando florida.

Things I like about the Yamamoto Senko Fishing Tackle: The unit is without a doubt a proven fish catching design and one of the hottest baits in the bass fishermans arsenal.

What I don't like about the Yamamoto Senko: I have more dislikes than likes. First off, the bait is highly overpriced. Lastly, the bait is way, way, to soft. It is rarely good for more than 1 fish.

Fishing Tackle Senko quality: The construction of the senko is just that. A "senko style" shape. Basically a cigar shaped worm. The quality to me is very poor due to the softness.

Senko summary: Bottom line, do not waste your time with the Senko. There are many identical baits out there that are cheaper, and more durable that catch the same amount of fish. I would highly recommend either the Stik-o (made exclusively by bass pro), or tiki stix (made by wave worms). They are the exact same product but much more durable.

Rating for this Yamamoto product: 2

Author of this review on Yamamoto Fishing Tackle: Brendan

Date: 2004-06-13

Usefulness Rating: 3.66667 out of 5.
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