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Double Bull Blind BS5 Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Double Bull Blind
Double Bull Blind Model: BS5
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment I bought my first double bull from bass pro. I believe it was around $449. I really hesitated before I decided to buy one simply because of the price. That is alot of money to me since my wife only works part time,etc. but I had done alot of research on ground blinds and had checked out some of the cheaper ones. I knew that a double bull was the best and I knew I had to have one. It was the best decision I have ever made as far as hunting goes.

Things I like about the Double Bull Blind BS5 Archery Equipment: This blind is by far the best ground blind ever made. The cheaper imitation blinds dont even begin to compare in any way. There are so many good things about the blind I dont even know where to start. The fabric is the best because it is quiet and durable. It doenst make loud noise if you touch it at the wrong time or if a tree branch scrapes it at the wrong time. It has a silent window system unlike the cheap blinds which use zippers on their windows. How are you supposed to unzip a window without alerting a deer if they come up behind you like they so often do? The framework has a lifetime warranty which is also the best warranty in the business. I have also found out the hard way that double bull has the best customer service in the industry. Recently, when one of my rods broke before a hog hunting trip all it took was a call to double bull and i had a new one free of charge in only a couple days so that i could have it on my hunt. I know this sounds like an infomercial but i just cant say enough good things about this blind or their company.

What I don't like about the Double Bull Blind BS5: I really cant think of one thing I dont like about the blind. After you get over the initial sticker shock, it is the best investment that a hunter can make.

Archery Equipment BS5 quality: You can see the quality in the sewing of the unit and in every possible way. The fabric is a heavy cotton blend that is pretty much waterproof.

BS5 summary: The bottome line is save your pennies for a double bull or you will never forgive yourself!

Rating for this Double Bull Blind product: 5

Author of this review on Double Bull Blind Archery Equipment: Rick Love

Date: 2004-06-28

Usefulness Rating: 4.5641 out of 5.
78 reader(s) voted.

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