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Diamond Gladiator Archery Bows

Archery Bows Manufacturer: Diamond
Diamond Model: Gladiator
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows I first heard about this bow from a few online archery forums. Usually on these forums, people are brutally honest and you hear both good and bad. On this particular bow however, I read nothing but good comments and this peaked my interest. I purchased this bow from a proshop in Texas and paid $465 for it.

Things I like about the Diamond Gladiator Archery Bows: There are many features that I like about the Gladiator. The bow is very fast at 328 IBO with a very generous brace height of 7". A very neat feature with the Gladiator is that Diamond makes two different modules for each draw length which for the small price of $15-20 can get you a second module and two different feels within the same bow. The S module provides the raw speed and has a sharp break point and short valley typical of speed bows. The E module loses about 10 fps but it draws as smooth as glass. Even better, the modules can be swapped without a bowpress!

What I don't like about the Diamond Gladiator: The only thing that I don't like about the Diamond Gladiator is the string which started to show some serving separation at the cam within the first couple hundred shots. But this will be remedied with a Winners Choice string when it's time to replace it.

Archery Bows Gladiator quality: The construction of the bow is first rate and comparable to the Mathews, Hoyt and Bowtech but at about $200 less! The idler and cam are both supported by ball bearing axles. The riser is machined by state of the art Diamond CNC machines that also produce risers and cams for Bowtech. The limb pockets are tight and the camo dip finish is flawless in Mossy Oak Breakup.

Gladiator summary: The quality and features of this bow are a steal at this price. Diamond is a small company in Louisiana and they are dedicated to quality with a lifetime guarantee on each bow. They don't spend the amount of money on advertising that the big guys do, but with this bow, word of mouth will do just fine. The only reason I don't give this rating a five is because of the string.

Rating for this Diamond product: 4

Author of this review on Diamond Archery Bows: PABowman

Date: 2004-06-30

Usefulness Rating: 3.34694 out of 5.
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