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Hummingbird Paramount 3-D Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Hummingbird
Hummingbird Model: Paramount 3-D
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders I received this usit as a b-day gift 2 years ago. The guy at Boater's World saw an easy mark in my wife, that knew absolutely 0 about fishing. She told him that she wanted to buy me the best. She spent around $400, I am sure.

Things I like about the Hummingbird Paramount 3-D Fish Finders: You may feel a bad review coming, and you are right. But the good things about this unit is it has a great screen and is easy to use. What I think is the best about Hummingbird products is the quick release mounts. Easy on and off, and the turn and tilt easy and stable. Some very nice features like battery voltage, width of beam at bottom target.

What I don't like about the Hummingbird Paramount 3-D: 3-D is garbage. The unit will hide more information than it will show. the 240 vertical pixel makes an OK image, but this unit does not have enough power for accurate separation.

Fish Finders Paramount 3-D quality: The Paramount is solidly built and is quite durable. I click the View button twice everytime I turn the thing on to get to 2-D view, and turn off the Fish ID. The big screen gives a nice image and will show some details such as bait.

Paramount 3-D summary: I believe this is a discontinued product now, although there are sure to be some units floating around (May see mine tomorrow in Pine Flat Lake. Getting the Lowarance. Happy B-day again!) For the money and a lot less, any other (new) product would be better. Eagle 480, Lowrance 125-135, Hummingbird Matrix 27-37, all are much better untis and dirt cheap.

Rating for this Hummingbird product: 2

Author of this review on Hummingbird Fish Finders: JDFresno

Date: 2004-07-02

Usefulness Rating: 3.14013 out of 5.
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