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Smart Cast Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Smart Cast
Smart Cast Model:
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders This was gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary. What a great gift it is. I saw them at one of the larger tackle websites for just over 150 dollars. She didn't get me the boat I wanted, but just about the next best thing.

Things I like about the Smart Cast Fish Finders: At first I wasn't sure what to think about such a device. When I saw it was a fish finder my first thought was, I don't have a boat to use it, but that is the beauty of this device. You actually attach it to your line and cast it into the water. It broadcasts the water's floor and anything swimming around it,to a small screen you keep next to you on the bank. You don't even need a boat! I think these things will be the next big thing for all fishermen this time.

What I don't like about the Smart Cast : I love it and don't often say anything bad about it, one little concern is the chance the sensor device get's wrapped around something and I lose it. Other than that what a neat device.

Fish Finders quality: It's very well made and seems somewhat water resistant as well even though I put it back in the truck the first time it started raining on me a few weeks ago. There was a warning that it's not for use in the cold weather which goes hand and hand for anything with batteries.

summary: Thanks to my gift I now know the details of a small farm pond I've been fishing for years. I'm pulling in more than I've ever pulled from the pond. I have to warn you when you go to a public place you'll get some strange looks at first and don't be surprised if several people come up to ask what it is. I wish I had a mess of them to sell myself.

Rating for this Smart Cast product: 5

Author of this review on Smart Cast Fish Finders: Newly Hi-Tech Fisherman

Date: 2003-09-06

Usefulness Rating: 3.56542 out of 5.
428 reader(s) voted.

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