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Lone Wolf hang on Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Model: hang on
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I purchased the stand through Cabelas and paid $159.99. My motivation for this purchase was the promise of a stand that would not snap, crackle, or pop in cold weather. I was also looking for a platform that would be sure footed and safe.

Things I like about the Lone Wolf hang on Tree Stands: The molded platform performed as promised when it came to being non noisy. Unlike expanded metal and slatted platforms, where your foot often finds gaps in the support system, the molded platform provides very sure footing. Your feet are always resting solidly and flat on this platform. It is also unlikey that snow can accumulate on this non slip surface. The stand is also very stealthy. When viewing from the ground after setup, it is not very noticeable in the tree it rests upon. This also minimizes the possibility of theft.

What I don't like about the Lone Wolf hang on : The attachment system is on the weak side. The top is connected to the tree with a buckle strap system. The bottom like many fixed stands has no attachment system. I found the top difficult to get tight, and experienced some slippage and slidding of the platform as a result. This year I will use a ratchet strap to tighten the stand to the top of the tree. This should fix the connection short fall. The stand is advertised as 30" in length, but I found that to be misleading. This length is aquired by stretching the length to the tip of the " V " crotch ,that wedges the bottom to the tree. The usable platform length is actually around 26". I also like a stand that allows for adjustability of seat height, which this stand does not. (few do)

Tree Stands hang on quality: The stand is accurately built with the support cables being of equal length. I have found uneven cable lengths to be a common problem on fixed platform stands in the past. The molded platform is perfect and the reason behind my purchase.

hang on summary: By adding a secure attachment system I will feel safe and confident hunting from a Lone Wolf platform stand. While this is not my most comfortable stand to hunt, it is second to none in the area of stealth. The platform is quiet and the footing is excellent. Game animals will have a hard time finding a well camoflagued and carefull hunter perched in a Lone Wolf platform stand.

Rating for this Lone Wolf product: 4

Author of this review on Lone Wolf Tree Stands: Mike (skyhunter) Corazon

Date: 2004-07-06

Usefulness Rating: 4.85714 out of 5.
35 reader(s) voted.

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