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Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain Fishing Line

Fishing Line Manufacturer: Scientific Anglers Mastery Series
Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Model: Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain
Review Category: Fishing Line

Purchase: Fishing Line I recently purchased this line from my local flyshop, Bob Mariott's Fly Shop, with the help of a guide after researching the pros and cons of several different fly lines. I was searching for a line specifically to fly fish in the surf but also wanted a good sinking line with versitility that could be used for salmon, etc. I had examined the idea of a running line with a shooting head but had heard too many fishermen complain that such a system is difficult to cast because of the "hinge" effect or swing of the line at the connection point. Therefore, I thought that an integrated line made more sense. I paid approximately $60 for this line and found that to be a pretty typical and reasonable price.

Things I like about the Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain Fishing Line: This line is a pure joy to cast and makes the job of working the bottom easier while still affording one the ability to mend line. It's designed to get flies down deep and keep them there with a graduated density transition for easier shooting with less tangles. On my first venture out with the new line, I was amazed at how simple it was to lift off the water and roll cast. But that's not the half of it! The most amazing thing is this line's ability to shoot through the guides with little effort on my part. Indeed, I almost appear to know what I'm doing as this line easily added another 30-40 feet to my casting distance.

What I don't like about the Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain: The only weakness to come to light is that the color, gray/green, makes the line somewhat difficult to see, but this weakness, if it can be called one, is completely overshadowed by its incredible shootability. This line shoots like a rocket and is, without a doubt, the most lethal and fun piece of equipment permitted under the law!

Fishing Line Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain quality: Scientific Anglers specifically designed this line to have shootability, and here they did not fail. The line is formulated with the new AST technology which is 3M's line construction and coating process that makes for the ultimate in shootability and durability. After plying the surf, all that is required is to simply wipe down the line with a clean rag and fresh water. The "slickness" of the line is said to improve each time the line is cleaned and wiped down. From my observations, it is without a doubt the slickest line I've ever tried. An added technological benefit is the innovation of designing the running line with less diameter than the integrated shooting head. The decreased diameter allows for even higher line speeds shooting through the guides with less chance for impedance. Because the transition from rapid sink tip to intermediate type I sinking running line results in a straight line connection, the hinge effect generally felt with conventional non-integrated shooting heads and running lines is non-existent. This makes for easier strike detection and better hook sets too.

Wet Tip Streamer Express 300 grain summary: Bottom line: this line is a must have! I can honestly say that its performance has encouraged me to look more closely at other fly lines in the Scientific Anglers Mastery series, such as floating lines for stream fishing. Add this line to your arsenal. You'll be glad you did!

Rating for this Scientific Anglers Mastery Series product: 5

Author of this review on Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Fishing Line: Michael L. Bazzo

Date: 2004-07-08

Usefulness Rating: 3.96429 out of 5.
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