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B & L Distributors Yellow Magic Topwater Lure Bass Lures Baits

Bass Lures Baits Manufacturer: B & L Distributors
B & L Distributors Model: Yellow Magic Topwater Lure
Review Category: Bass Lures Baits

Purchase: Bass Lures Baits I bought this lure at the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, Texas and I paid around 14 dollas for it. The reason why I bought this lure was because one day I went out with a friend of mine that had this lure and was just tearing up the bass. It was unbeieveable. I also loved the life like action of this lure. I knew for the minute I saw it, it was true love.

Things I like about the B & L Distributors Yellow Magic Topwater Lure Bass Lures Baits: I don't like anything about it, I love everything about it. I love the life like action and finish of this lure. It has many different sizes and colors that always work. It is my favorite topwater lure. It is also very well made and will last a very long time.

What I don't like about the B & L Distributors Yellow Magic Topwater Lure: There isn't a thing that I don't like about this lure. Everything is just awesome.

Bass Lures Baits Yellow Magic Topwater Lure quality: It is also extremely durable. The finish is almost impossible the scratch. It is made VERY well. The hooks are also great, sharp and strong, perfect combination. They did a great job on every aspect of this lure.

Yellow Magic Topwater Lure summary: This is THE lure to buy. I have caught many huge bass on it and it still looks like new. I love it and I have no dought in my mind that if you buy it, you will too. But, after I bought one I just had to buy another. I have all the different colors and they always work great.

Rating for this B & L Distributors product: 5

Author of this review on B & L Distributors Bass Lures Baits: Brent Stenberg

Date: 2004-07-10

Usefulness Rating: 4.06452 out of 5.
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